iTunes Alert: FPM Live From Tokyo

My iTunes alert went off this morning, and I know some people will be interested in this one.

[Fantastic Plastic Machine]( played the Apple Store in Ginza back on 3/21. The resulting iTunes album – 5 tracks, $4.95 – [is available on the US store]( Knowing how rarely FPM material appears on the US store, and how frequently it disappears later, you might want to jump on this now.

Track listing:

  1. Xiang Xiang vs. Strings In Heaven
  2. Dance Dance Dance Dance vs. Tell Me
  3. Never Ever vs. Love Is Psychedelic
  4. Fanfare (Tahiti 80 Mix) [Fpm Live Edit]
  5. Medley: Why Not? / City Lights (Fpm Samba Mix) / Beautiful Days

FPM fans should not pass this one up. Nor should anyone who enjoys high quality dance music.