Quoted For Truth

> O.k. — I know I’m way too old to be worrying about this in one sense, but in the next sense in which many of us will have to worry about this thing, I am so insanely freaked out by the insanity that is “My Super Sweet 16.” What the friggin’ fuck**??????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??** I’ve only seen it once, but the girl who failed her driver’s test but drove away in a brand new BMW said, “I know my parents spent alot, but I deserved it!” I mean — I kind of want to have kids… and I’m getting up there in years, so it’s got to happen relatively soon, but… Is home schooling the only answer? Dear god — **WE ARE FUCKED!!** I mean, whatever happened to the “Brat Pack?” Remeber when the righteous poor kids and the righteous rich kids… O.k. — “kid”… would get together and realize that the materialistic insanity of youth culture could be transcended by true love (that would, granted, probably end when they both went away to college — but for that brief, shining moment…), and Echo annd the Bunnymen brought on the Dancing Horses for **EVERYONE**? Well alright, then — I’m officially saying it: take me the fuck back!! Shit was BETTER!! **YES — I SAID IT!!** God forgive me. :(

[Ted Leo, September 12th 2005](