Ted Leo New Song MP3

During the concert tonight, Ted shocked the crowd by busting out an all-new song, written just that morning.

Knowing that Ted has been rather bootleg friendly (he instructed all of us to trade the *Since U Been Gone* cover all we wanted, but they wouldn’t play it live), I immediately stuck up my camera and recorded the whole thing. Rather than have my bandwidth get further thrashed with a 90 meg MPEG, I’ve ripped it to MP3, leaving us with a much smaller footprint.

The quality is okay but not great. My camera only does 64kbps audio, so the MP3 is at 128 if only to avoid losing more quality during the transcode. There is a fair amount of crowd noise at the beginning/middle/end. There’s some extra audio at the end from the next song, since there wasn’t a clean break. I haven’t balanced it or equalized it or anything like that. It’s a bootleg – one recorded on a digital camera – so don’t expect CD quality.

With all that said, enjoy.

(To those worried about the legality of this MP3, I have cleared this with Ted.)

*Append*: mligon [points out a potential song title]( of “Sons Of Cain”, which jives at least partially with the [set list](

*Append 2nd*: Those of you dying for the video can [find it here](, thanks to the lovely people at [](