Flickr Rules To The Power Of Two

I’ve waxed
ecstatic previously
about how much Flickr rules. It’s ridiculously simple to use, it has nice social software functionality, it’s syndicated up the wazoo, etc etc etc.

Tonight, as the saying goes, Flickr has passed rad and cruised straight into awesome.
Everyone who purchased pro accounts at some point in the past n months
(and there are a lot of us) just received:

– Double length pro accounts (mine won’t expire now until the end of 2006)
– Double the monthly upload capacity (1 GB -> 2 GB)
– Two free Pro accounts to give to friends.

Not only that, but people with free accounts have had their monthly upload capacity doubled as well, from 10 to 20 MB, and their storable photos doubles (100 => 200).

And not only that, but Pro accounts are now just $24.95 a year. Talk about a steal!

That’s some good stuff. Check out more on the FlickrBlog, including the best pictoral pun in ages.