The Process To Get To This Post Was Neither Big Nor Easy

I’ve had a bit of blogblock over the past week or so, and I’ve been demotivated to get some necessary database work done on VJ Army and Pop’n Navy. I apologize to the faithful readers and users, I will attempt to rectify both sides of this problem over the coming days.

But complicating this is the fact that 24 hours ago, I was informed I need to go to New Orleans next week for an Sakai Project conference; now I sit here with a Jet Blue itinerary and a W Hotel confirmation and it hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m actually going to New Orleans for three days next week.

I will have barely any time away from the conference but I’ll attempt to at least bolster my Flickr account with some photos and quirky anecdotes. I should, of course, also have the trusty Sidekick on – as the great philospher Calvin Broadus has been heard to remark, “Everybody needs a Sidekick.” So I shall remain in touch, in tune, and hopefully on time.

More details as they become available.