Brendon Small Says Something Funny

Hatred and fear are the root of all comedy—maybe. Hatred. The core of all humor. Look deep within the bowels of any knock-knock joke and you’ll find white-knuckled fists pounding angrily at the door, only to ruin the self-esteem and mind-fuck the answerer. And we (as a country) must never let the knocker in. Why? Because he’s there to kill you. Every knock-knock joke, when magnified, is a recipe for murder. Think about it, shitheads: a strange person who you could never recognize, spinning lies—he’s the devil and he wants your soul. Because he’s going to eat it. For dinner. And you’re invited to the dinner, too. That you’re the food for. The main course for.
-Brendon Small, of Home Movies, in this week’s Say Something Funny