Location Comparision Table

Things I Missed In NYC
Katie and Buttons, obviously
The ability to get places easily.
Pizza at Forno Italia
A decent bed
TV, PS2, a computer that doesn’t blow
AM New York and NY1
My RSS aggregator
Things I Didn’t Miss About NYC
MTA breakdowns
People on the subway who shout for your attention so you can give them money
The goddamned cold
The service at King China Buffet
Having to use Eckerd’s as a pseudo-bank
Things I Miss About SF
Kicking ass at the show
Playing on an honest to god IIDX machine
60� weather
Things I Don’t Miss About SF/Cali
The overly-anal security at SFO
Aggressive bums
Hotel snafus, including the DOUBLE DARE SHOWER
That feeling I get at every expo where I think my legs are going to fall off being nicely joined by the feeling of my arms falling off
Just thought this would be a nice (and mostly-pointless) comparison.