Buttons Antics

I have a fairly comfy chair for my desk with the computer on it. Frequently Buttons will jump on my lap and start clawing at my legs through my pants to say “Hey, Daddy, get the hell out of my chair”, at which point I switch to the little rolling kneel-style chair and he’s content. But I’ve quickly caught onto this and have been yielding the chair less and less lately.
So after dinner, I had a little chocolate bar and left the wrapper on my TV tray in the short term. Buttons had already stolen my spot on the couch so I moved over to the computer.
About ten seconds later, I see him up on the TV tray, knocking the wrapper on the floor, and then jumping down to lick at it. I immediately get up – “Buttons, no, don’t do that” and pick up the wrapper. I turn back around and notice that a certain cat has jumped into my chair.
I can’t believe I just got owned by my cat.