The Fun Of Christmas, Part 1

I’m breaking my Christmas entry into two parts; one to cover the events of the day, and the other for the loot list.
Warning: This blog entry is disgusting. It involves an event that, thankfully, has gotten me past much of my sickness, but is utterly disgusting and not the sort of thing I want to subject people to unless they really want to know. Hence, you have to click to get the full entry.

After I wrote my last blog entry, I went back up to bed, and managed to conk out around 2:30.
Now, by 2:30, I had downed two shots of extra-strength Robotussin (the Tussin! the Tussin!), about 4 aspirin, and a half can of Coke to keep the taste of Robotussin out of my mouth. I know realize that this is why I was in such a horrendously floaty state – because I was wacked out of my gord.
I woke up at 6 with the feeling of death in my stomach. I promptly ran into the bathroom and managed to throw up a substance I can only describe as pure evil. Seriously, there’s no other way to put it. It was black. It tasted worse than anything else I have ever tasted. It was pure evil, and it was coming out of my stomach.
The upside is, like nearly every other time I’ve had to throw up, I felt seriously better afterwords. And, as it turns out, that cleared up most of my illness. The rest of the day was spent dealing with a cough and some congestion; as I write this now, I’m coughing only occasionally, only having to blow my nose once an hour, and my most major symptom is my voice is Barry White-low.
After present opening in the morning, I did take a nap and spent some time playing the new GBA games I got. The evening was party time, as most of Katie’s extended family came over and I got lots of pity and wishes for my health to return soon. It was a good time.
Today, going over to Best Buy to return the extra copy of Mario & Luigi I got, probably to get an e-Reader instead. And maybe we’ll do some other shopping and who knows what else.