Make It Stop

So, as you might’ve noticed, it’s Christmas. You’ll also notice it’s nearly 2 AM. You’ll also notice I’m not signed on to all my usual spots while I post this. Here’s the deal:
We are in Maryland for Christmas. The pile of gifts upstairs is extremely absurd. I am the only person still awake.
Why am I still awake? Because, like clockwork, I have come down with the goddamn flu. And let me tell you, out of all the fun sicknesses I’ve ever come down with, this one is in the top three all time wackiest. I feel like I’m floating a foot above my body. My head is congested to shit. My entire body aches, my sinuses are congested, and I’ve had some fun hacking cough episodes.
The only way I feel better right now is if I stay up – which I discovered wasn’t much of a problem after trying to sleep for 3 hours and realizing I wasn’t able to conk out. If I stay in bed, my body decides to make me feel like shit. I figured I’d try and wear myself down a little more with a blog post. (I realize the inability to sleep may be the standard Christmas-related reason, but at 23, I thought I was mostly over this.)
I feel like I am completely drugged even though I haven’t taken anything lately. Actually I don’t know the last time I took anything. There are significantly less clocks in the house than I remember.
But hey, 7th Style CS confirmed! Good news for all us IIDX freaks. Can’t wait until May.
So Merry Christmas to all, and let’s all post loot lists later today so we can compare and contrast.