The Fun Of Christmas, Part 2

Here’s the present list to the best of my memory, since I’m typing this two floors beneath the horde of presents.
PS2 Games – Beyond Good & Evil, Space Channel 5 Special Edition, Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time. Katie got FFX-2, so I should probably mention that here, no?
GC Games – Pokemon Channel
GBA Games – Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, Sword Of Mana
Mac/iPod Stuff – Oxygen 8 Midi controller, Traktor DJ Studio 2.5, new HP printer/scanner/copier, extra Firewire iPod cable, iTrip
Books – the Python autobiography, the Complete Far Side Collection, David Foster Wallace’s new book, a crossword puzzle book
DVDs – Ben Stiller Show, Eraserhead Ridiculously Expensive Edition, Directors Collection: Michael Gondry & Spike Jonze, Blue Velvet Special Edition
Clothes – a surprising amount; 4 pairs of pants, a sweater, a shirt, pajama pants, and some underwear
Other – got a lot of skin care products, which is probably good because I treat my skin like crap. Large variety of candy, scaling up to a pound of really good cocoa mix I picked out at Dylan’s.
Special Distinction For The Most Random Yet Cool Gift – one of my uncles sent me the music sampler CD for DDR MAXUSA that was nearly impossible to come by. Now, I have all the songs on it already across all my other collections, but it’s still ridiculously cool.
I’m sure I’m leaving something off, so don’t be surprised if this gets updated repeatedly.