Five Songs Of The Week

Short version this week because I’m in Ithaca after three days of Turkey and we’re going shopping shortly.
Touch Me, by Supreme Beings Of Leisure, off Divine Operating System
Fantastic bouncey house tune I had forgotten existed until it came on my iPod. Nearly impossible not to like.
Logical Dash, by dj TAKA, off Beatmania 5th Mix OST
I don’t know what it is about Logical Dash, but there’s this fantastic hook of the beat and the hoover-esqe noise in the background. And you can’t help but love the BASS PLEASE, OOOOWOOOO!
Landslide, by Smashing Pumpkins, off Unplugged
I used to hear this all the time on WICB, and now it’s mine, all mine. This is the best cover of Landslide ever – screw the Dixie Chicks.
orbit 3, by m-flo, off The Intergalactic Collection
I don’t know how I forgot about this, but here’s another fantastic m-flo song. The melody and the rhythm here drive the whole song, and Verbal’s rapping in the middle is fantastic. If you haven’t been exposed to m-flo, do it NOW.
Give Judy My Notice, by Ben Folds, off Speed Graphic EP
I’m always shocked at how well Ben Folds works with just a piano. Here’s more evidence.
That’s all for now, we’ll be back home tomorrow.