Things To Be Thankful For In 2003

In mostly alphabetical order:
30-day unlimited ride Metrocards, for making my traveling (mostly) hassle-free.
Apple, for making 40 gig iPods that keep me sane during my commute.
Everyone at and associated with Freeverse, for making the work portion of my life fun and interesting at all times.
Giovanni at Forma Italia, for making the best pizza in the world.
Josh Davis, for being a bad ass motherfucking DJ.
m-flo, for making the best damn hip-hop I’ve heard in years.
People like Atrios, Eric Alterman, and Kevin Drum, for doing their best to keep the world sane.
R Stevens, for the best comic ever.
The people at the laundry place in LaGuardia Plaza, for taking another bit of hassle out of my life.
The people online that affect my life for the better on a regular basis – Jared, Nastassya, Hannah, Paul, Brett, Peter, Corey, Malcolm, Don, Ryan (both of them), Kim, and everyone else I’m forgetting in my tryptophan-induced state.
Thom and Gil, for still checking in regularly.
And as always, Katie, for being all I could ever ask for.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And never forget the epic words of one of the world’s most famous actresses in one of the most talked about movies of this year…
“It’s turkey time. Come on, gobble, gobble!”