Just Be

I think everyone who blogs falls into the strange situation at one point or another – life becomes really, really busy. You have no time to update your page, despite your good intentions. And then people you talk to on a regular basis complain that you’re not updating it.
What an odd state where people want me to write to an audience rather than just talk one-on-one.
The fact is, I’ve just been overwhelmed with trying to juggle work, life with Katie, Christmas shopping, and things I do to relax. Let me put it this way: I’m blogging earlier in this week than I am playing video games. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG HERE FOLKS.
The big news this week – or at least the big confirmation of the week – is that I’m going to San Francisco in January for MacWorld San Francisco. The plane is booked, the booth is being worked out – it’s all for certain now. It will certainly be strange to make it to California, meet a lot of the people I’ve been talking to online for the past two years (and all the usual industry goons), and (should all go according to plan) finally get to SVGL. I’m certainly excited, although I definitely wish Katie could come out with me.
Did I mention we did three Thanksgiving dinners? One with Ian/Colin/et al, one with Katie’s coworker Thassi, and one with my parents? I don’t want to be fed turkey in any form for at least another month.
Did I neglect to note we tried to see Oakenfold? Take a lesson from me: When a club says “Show starts at 10”, show up at midnight, because he won’t be on until 2 AM. We ran out of energy before he went on – which wasn’t a complete loss because the opener was decent.
I need to break this into two entries, so that ends the general me update. The good news is that given the snow (see next entry), I will likely be home for a large chunk of the weekend. I plan to do all the bloggy things I had promised to do ages ago.