The past few days

Might as well jot down another update.
So Katie had Thursday and Friday off, and we decided to make a rush trip down to Maryland to visit her parents. The trip was relaxing, with brief trips to the Mall (new scrubs, same location!), Best Buy (Wavebird #2!), Blockbuster (rented Grave Of The Fireflies, which was very good and very depressing), and Chili’s (I had far too much food).
The drive back was notable because Binghamton (and by extension, Ithaca) received 17+ inches of snow while we were gone, and our apartment had at least one power outage. Surprisingly, the roads were quite clear. I was amused to see David Friedland using this weather as an excuse to swear off Ithaca, since I’m pretty sure he’s complained about every winter. Still, David, you know what they say – 50% of the world’s worst weather passes through Ithaca, and the other 50% stays here all year. I’d rather have an occasional power outage because of snow than rolling blackouts, anyhow.
Follow-up on the MC Chris album – Hijack has entered my 5 star club, bringing the total to 18 songs. Despite it being less funny than LABAIHP, the music destroys it. Hijack, Geek, and 10 Years Old show that maybe, just maybe, Chris is taking this a little more seriously. Which is fine by me.