Big up and down sort of day

So I wake up yesterday, and drive Katie to work. Come back, get comfy, get some work done, head back to B&N to watch Katie’s first storytime, which was very cute although there were a lack of kids.
Stop at Best Buy, pick up the new DVDs for the day, get the car washed, come home. Get propped up for the keynote. Quicktime stream went decently. Between the Safari announcement (which I’m using right now) and the X11 unannouncement (which I’ve played with), as well as all the other random updates, it’s been a good keynote.
Get Katie from work later, bring her home, we have dinner, and she’s feeling crappy so I make the big exscursion to Play! by myself.
Ed lets me in early, and I have about 45 minutes to myself on a newly-upgraded DDREx machine. It’s bliss. Getting to play any mode I want – Oni, nonstop, doubles, singles, whatever – without having to worry about who’s next in line on a mix like this is just what I needed to draw me back one last time to DDR. Demick showed up around 7:30, so I had someone on the other side of the stage for much of my second hour.
Notable songs as of now are A (steps are nicely balanced between hard and enjoyable, and the song still rocks), bag (it sounds A LOT better on the machine than it does on the MP3s I’ve heard, and the steps are actually kind of fun, although I have to play it on 3x), V for Extreme (steps are meh, but the song edit was less notable than I thought previously), and We Will Rock You, which has the best steps EVER. I had my ass handed to me a couple of times (Stoic Heavy just destroyed me, Bag Doubles was a bit too much).
If you want to see me looking like a flailing idiot, Play has pictures up, and I’m in about 4 of them on the left side (!). I seriously need a haircut.
Katie and I will probably be heading back over there tomorrow for some more fun.
I come home, and somehow I start remembering this whole “student loan” thing. I finally find the bill, and it was due…December 28th. Not January like they had told me previously. Still, I called this morning and there’s no late fee yet, so I guess I can rest easy knowing that I only owe 147.70 this month. :/
So yeah, it was an interesting day.