Some light entertainment

Just the usual late night search and read.
Cell-Phone Ban Not a Good CallIs using a cell phone while driving really as dangerous as driving drunk? A nice article from Wired about the rather ridiculous notion that cell phones are such a huge hazard while driving; obviously I’m biased, having a cell phone and living in a state with a law regulating this sort of thing.
Blogs May Pierce The Fog Of War Just as the 1991 conflict was the testing ground for 24-hour cable channels like CNN more than 10 years ago, a second conflict there may serve as a trial by fire for the news and commentary sites known as blogs. Interesting, but I think since largely blogs are teenagers bitching about how much they hate the government and/or their school and/or their significant other and/or their parents, I don’t see the huge potential here.
Metal Gear Solid 2 Thumbnail Theatre – exactly what it sounds like. Hopefully it’ll get finished soon, reminds me a lot of The Editing Room…if that’s not enough, check out the others at the same site.
Tis all for now, folks.