Only in Ithaca…

So today, I pick up Katie from work at 3:30 (she went in at 7, which was real fun to drive). Neither of us had eaten lunch. We decide to go to Taco Bell.
When we get up to the counter, there’s some old woman there trying to figure out the concept of “14 cents changes back”. It takes her a while to grasp this.
I sneeze.
Katie says “Bless you.”
Then the old woman turns and STARES at Katie – like she was responsible for the Holocaust, 9/11, and every other problem in the history of the universe; the coldest stare you’ve ever seen – causing total silence, for about 10 seconds…and then she just walks away.
Katie has her lip bit trying to keep from laughing.
The cashier is shrugging helplessly and trying to keep from laughing.
I’m nearly horizontal laughing.
Then we can’t even get the order our because we’re all laughing too hard. The cashier even gave Katie a free drink because he was laughing too much and didn’t want to ring it up.
I swear, this town is so weird sometimes.