For Allen

Earlier today, Katie and I were devestated by the news that a close friend of ours from Cornell – Allen Fond – was found dead on Wednesday. Cause of death is unknown at the current time.
I’ve been searching all afternoon for some way to express how I feel, and as is the fashion with people our age, we turn to music and song lyrics, because inevitably someone has said what we’re looking to say in a seemingly better, more…profound way.
I’ve had these lyrics kicking around my head for a while for no good reason, and I guess today is the day to finally spit them out once and for all.
We’ll miss you, Allen.
there’s no one in town I know
you gave us some place to go
i never said thank you for that
i thought I might get one more chance
what would you think of me now
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
i never said thank you for that
now I’ll never have a chance
may angels lead you in
hear you me my friends
on sleepless roads the sleepless go
may angels lead you in