Polymorphism and Dynamic Binding Action!

It’s odd; sometimes, you forget you have a website. And then something makes you go “Oh yeah, I wonder if that’s still up”. So here we are, friends.
The house is doing just fine. We’re finally getting our connection tomorrow (cross your fingers). Things are starting to get done, and it’s beginning to feel like home. The kids (Ben and Sabiha) are over every night, and we’ve been cooking, watching movies, and making frequent runs to Wegmans. It’s all going pretty well.
I’ve watched way too many movies as of late to list ratings for them all, but if you have yet to see Shrek, go do it. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t waste your time on Tomb Raider unless it’s a matinee. I promise, my movie rating thing will go up soon. Probably once I get that home connection.
Other than that, life continues on at a regular clip. Ellen graduated on Saturday, so congrats to her on that. MWNY is 3 weeks from today, and I’m starting to get a little frantic again due to credit cards, phone bills, and bus tickets. But oh well. Hopefully our passes will show.
If you’re bored out of your skull and need something to do, feel free to email me because I could sure use more email. Till next time (hopefully, tomorrow!)