I Say Hey

It’s a cloudy July 3rd here in Ithaca, and I’ve got a free minute, so here’s the news.
This site may have been inaccesible and/or broken yesterday because csoft finally got around to moving their servers to Georgia. After dealing with some minor database and mirror issues, the site seems to be whole again. Let me know if you have issues…with the server, not with life in general.
Also, late last week I put up my movies database, which allows you to see what I think about movies. You can also buy them (via Amazon), check out the IMDB listing, and gauge how wacked my sense of film is versus the majority of the critics. Isn’t that spectacular? I thought so. Link is in the header as well.
The house is good, the house is great – I don’t know what else to say. It’s getting a little full – by the end of the week, we’ll have 6 people living there, 2 of which don’t actually live there. But I digress.
Finally caved in and bought a Game Boy Advance over the weekend, with Castlevania and Fire Pro Wrestling. You are all hereby forced to go buy one now, as it’s a sweet little handheld.
And I think that’s it. Best wishes to Gil who’s having some issues with her foot. Get well quick, kiddo.