Now, Where Was I?

I honesty thought it was longer since my last news update, but no, my birthday was really just one week ago. Among the gifts received were the aforementioned cell phone, a massive check from the rents to cover the bulk of our MWNY costs, a book from Gil, and two checks from relatives. I’m happy, although I was actually expecting a wee bit more.
Speaking of MWNY, Kate and I are now officially registered as press, credentials and everything. So now all we need are bus tickets and we’re set for what will be an interesting week of running around, swagging up, and parties. And yes, you’ll get tons of crap from me here.
Saw Memento last night; very good movie, although a little muddling at the end. I’m working on a new system for rating movies, and maybe I’ll make it public in the future. But who knows.
In the future: Going to see Bridget Jones’s Diary tonight (and hopefully Cinemopolis will get Sexy Beast soon, since Salon was raving about it); moving into the house this weekend, probably Saturday (crossing fingers); paycheck next week (badly needed) and hopefully getting a GBA with said paycheck (although looking doubtful). And I think that’s it.