I Heart!

As many of you remember, I used to have banner ads up. One of the few
ones that would’ve gotten me any sort of payback was the one for
I’ve since taken the banners down (too much latency in hitting the
database 4 or 5 times for the ads), but I am doing this shameless
promotion because they deserve it. just finished
their first year of business, and I must say that ordering from them has
always been a treat. They have a huge selection, great prices (no
getting scammed on shipping), a wonderful mailing list that lets you
know what’s coming and when (allowing me to order some hard to get Pichu
dolls), and wonderful people behind it who always add goodies to your
Since it is their one year anniversary, they’re having a 20% off sale.
So head on over and spend some green, because this is probably the best
e-business I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with.
[end shill]