Some site tweaks

In an effort to continue to delight and amaze you, the readers of my
site, I’ve added three months of news archives that should’ve been up a
while ago. November will be up after December 14th, since I have also
just changed my newsscript back to a 14 days period. This should avoid
the whole lack-of-a-front-page thing.
Web update fever has overcome me, so I’ve also tweaked RemyHoo a bit,
fixing an annoying double HR problem, and adding more (current) links to
bring me up to 100.
I’m also playing with layout; the CSS has been changed slightly, as has
the navigation links at the top. I’ll probably try and whip up a new
logo at somepoint as well. If you the reader have any suggestions for
things you’d like to see on this site, please let me know.