Thanksgiving Break Report

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now that we have entered our last
week of classes at good ol’ CU, it’s time to go out with a bang.
First, my trip report – it was great. Absolutely great, all except for
the bus rides. I can’t tell which was the worst part of the buses –
probably the driver getting lost from Binghamton to Scranton. I’m
believing it might have been a better idea for me to drive. But
Spending time at Kate’s, as usual, was wonderful. Every visit I get more
and more enchanted with this wonderful girl I fell for almost two and a
half years ago…I’ll stop gushing for those of you with weak hearts.
Anyhow, we had a great time, watching movies as usual (minireviews:
Keeping The Faith was wonderful, High Fidelity was good, Risky Business
was decent.) We even braved the traffic on Black Friday and went
shopping. Lots of good food, good times, and I can assure you that only
a minimal amount of clothing was ripped.
As far as purchases go – one copy of Gladiator on DVD ($20), one copy of
the new NIN remix album ($10), a new copy of The F Word from B/N along
with some magazines ($20something), and a copy of Incredible Crisis for
Kate ($20), which is an extremely Jappy PSX game – in a good way.
As I mentioned above, 5 days of classes left. I have a lot to do, but
today will remain a down day until I get seriously crunched on Thursday.
Two tests that day, with a lab report and a huge problem set due on
Friday. Oh, and probably accounting as well. Don’t worry, I’ll get going
on it all tomorrow. Really.
Finally, I’m working to revamp my news system a bit, since my friends at
8bop spent break completely tweaking it to be a multi-user system. I’ve
been meaning to make mine a little easier to use for me, so I’ll hack
out a little PHP when I get a spare moment or two. Whatevah.
As usual, you know where to find me.