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Hot Truck Memories

Reflections In The Glass Facade

The big project for my department (and the entire Medical College) at the end of 2006 was the launch of our new clinical care building at 1305 York Avenue. For much of the length of the project, those of us in the IT shop simply referred to it by the most appropriate acronym: it was the new York Avenue Building, so it became YAB.

But eventually, the building was given a more donor-friendly name, and it became the Weill Greenberg Center. The appropriate acronym became WGC.

I refer to it now, as I did then, as “YAB”. Sometimes “1305”. But never “WGC”.

“WGC” still only means one thing to me: Wet Garlic and Cheese.

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An Abridged List Of Sports Miracles

The 1980 Men’s Hockey team beating the Russians at the buzzer.

The 1984 Miami-Boston college playoff, where Doug Flutie threw a hail mary to win the game.

Manchester United winning the Premiership, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League in the 1998-1999 season.

The Red Sox sweeping the 2004 World Series.

The Cornell Men’s Basketball team getting an automatic seed for the 2008 NCAA Tournament.

Never Have I Been More Proud To Be A Cornellian

Stephen Colbert was in Ithaca over the weekend, and my love for the man just grows and grows.

Moving on to Cornell students, he said, “You people get more of your news from me and this guy named Jon Stewart than from any other source. Who thinks that I am news?”

After a smattering of applause, he asked, “Who thinks I’m not news but gets their news from me anyway?”

When the crowd roared, Colbert scoffed, “And this is the Ivy League! Shame on you! I make shit up all the time!”

So awesome.

Colbert, who is running for president in South Carolina, announced that, under new sponsorship, his campaign would be the “Hail to the Cheese Nacho Cheese Doritos Stephen Colbert 2008 Campaign.”

“I will be as good for this country as Doritos are for your body,” he said.

And what about a campaign slogan? He suggested, “Don’t just waste your vote — waste your vote on me.”

SO awesome.


While it hasn’t formally been announced to the entire department, it was seemingly announced to enough people last night that now seems to be a good time to post about it.

I am no longer a *Technology Services Analyst* with ITS. Effective July 1, I am now the *Manager, Collaborative Technologies*.

I will be heading up a new group that covers a lot of ground – wikis, enterprise IM, enterprise syndication, video conferencing, etc. This is, unsurprisingly, the stuff that I tend to be knowledgeable about. I’m looking forward to diving into it in a formal leadership role. I’m especially looking forward to see how we can do more to link technology between the three Cornell campuses.

Someone Buy Uncle Ezra A Drink

The legendary [Dear Uncle Ezra](http://ezra.cornell.edu/) turned 21 this month [according to the Chronicle](http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Feb07/UncleEzra.sl.html).

Dear Uncle Ezra was [the very first](http://ezra.cornell.edu/history.php) anonymous advice column on the Internet/Intarwebs/Webinet, debuting in 1986. Questions are answered by an anonymous Cornell staffer who farms out what he does not know to other experts within the college. The service is available to everyone, not just the Cornell affiliated.

The [first question ever answered](http://ezra.cornell.edu/posting.php?timestamp=527313600#question1) on the service is one certainly appropriate for Ithaca:


DUE is, in its own way, quite interesting. It’s worth reading, or at least [subscribing to](http://ezra.cornell.edu/rss.php).

(If you’re looking for something a little more groupthink, you had damn well better know about Ask Metafilter by now.)

Far Above Cayuga’s Wat~1

## [Cornell gets $25 million grant to build William H. Gates Hall, launching new home for computing and information science](http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Jan06/GatesCIS.ws.html)

> The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded $25 million to Cornell University to support the construction of the signature building for a planned information campus that will bring together the several units of the university’s Faculty of Computing and Information Science (CIS).

> The new building, to house the Department of Computer Science and elements of the Information Science Program, will be named William H. Gates Hall. The Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development of the Cornell Board of Trustees approved the building’s name at its meeting in New York City, Jan. 20.

> According to Kenneth Birman, professor of computer science and chair of the CIS building committee, the information campus project is still in the feasibility study stage. Gates Hall is estimated at 100,000 square feet and projected to cost about $50 million. Expanded construction beyond the signature building is planned, based on support from Cornell and additional donors. When completed, the information campus will be a complex of linked buildings integrated with a variety of green spaces and common spaces designed to involve students and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

> About a dozen possible locations are being evaluated, Birman said. The proposal for the project calls for the information campus to be strategically located in proximity to the Colleges of Engineering and Arts and Sciences, the Life Sciences Technology Building and other key academic partners.

> Gates Hall will house a lecture hall, faculty offices, classrooms, laboratories, student project spaces and conference rooms. The building will make innovative use of technology to foster collaboration both on and off campus, and it will include facilities specifically designed for CIS researchers whose primary offices might be elsewhere on the campus. As in Duffield Hall and the Life Sciences Technology Building, which is under construction, there will be formal and informal meeting spaces to foster “intellectual collisions” and cross-pollination.

I love that “intellectual collisions” is in quotes while cross-pollination is not. Also, I can’t wait to see where the hell they find 100,000 square feet of space on campus.

End alumni griping!

(thanks to Dad for the link)

Welcome to Slope Day

The Sun has learned that several thousand students will gather today to
“party” on Libe Slope in what is apparently a celebration of the last
day of classes.

The all-day event – known as “Slope Day Festival” – will involve
students “getting wrecked,” according to many who plan to attend.
Expectations have been rising for weeks, prompting the attention of
local as well as national figures.

Noted late-80s hair metal god Jani Lane, lead vocalist of “Cherry Pie”
band Warrant, voiced frustrations over having to miss the event.
“Fuck North Carolina, man,” he said, referring to the band’s next
scheduled tour date. “I want to be here tomorrow.”

Indeed, many Ithacans expressed similar sentiments. “Me and Kelli met up
with some boys from I.C., and they were pretty cute,” said one Ithaca
High School sophomore who wished to remain anonymous, as she would “get
in, like, real trouble for this.”

Local beverage outlets have reported a boom in sales over the past few

“I’ve never seen it like this before,” said one employee, who wished to
remain anonymous. “I know there’s nothing to do here but drink yourself
silly, but this is out of control.”

Curiously, there has been no corresponding increase in the sales on
non-alcoholic beverages and unsalted snack food.

Even those with counterfeit identification cards have had “no problem”
purchasing alcohol.

The Sun attempted to contact the administration regarding the expected
event, but it was getting late.

According to several students on campus, this celebration on the slope
has been occurring since “forever.”


“Last year, I got so wasted that I had kind of a headache the next day,”
said a sophomore who wished to remain anonymous. The sophomore reassured
The Sun that the headache subsided “after a few hours.”


One professor – who wished to remain anonymous – commented on the ritual
significance of the annual event.

“Coming so soon after May Day, we can see Slope Day as an analogue to
ancient celebrations of spring harvests and the rebirth of nature. When
students imbibe on Slope Day, they pay homage to the sacred bounties of
Mother Earth. It’s quite wonderful, really,” he said.

He added: “And it’s pretty killer when you get a buzz before 10 a.m.”

(Gracefully yoinked from the Cornell Daily Sun, May 5 2000. Much
respect to Matt Laflin, Farhad Manjoo, Mike Sharp and Joe Turk for
getting me to laugh so hard at 9 AM)