Find Your Comedy Niche

There are four awesome comedy events going on tonight worth mentioning. If you are in NYC and have nothing better to do, you better be going to at least one of them.

One: UCB Fistfight. UCB takes over Comix for the night. Dave Hill, Cracked Out, Julie & Jackie, John Mulaney, and Dave Hill. 8PM, Comix, $15.

Two: Channel 102. 10 shows go in, 5 shows come out. 8PM, Tribeca Cinemas, free.

Three: Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Tour. If you haven’t been watching Tim & Eric’s new show, you, sir, are an idiot. [Just ask Dr. Steve Brule]( 8PM, Knitting Factory, $15.

Four: Crash Test. Aziz returns to his homeland, with Human Giant in tow. Arj Barker and John Mulaney scheduled to appear. Midnight, UCB Theatre, free but sold out so show up early for that standby line.

It’s a good night for good times.