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Press Conference With The ATHF Bombers

If you thought the situation was strange before, wait till you see the press conference.

I’m going to take a small chance to editorialize here: I’m confused how you can arrest someone on charges of setting up a hoax device when the device was neither phoned in as a bomb nor looked like a bomb.

It’s a damned Lite Brite. Is Hasbro breeding terrorists?

Puzzled Over

I Hope You Can See This, Boston, Because I’m Doing It As Hard As I Can

> BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) — Electronic light boards featuring an adult-cartoon character triggered bomb scares around Boston on Wednesday, spurring authorities to close two bridges and a stretch of the Charles River before determining the devices were harmless. — [CNN](

> In their streaming newscast, WBZ has been showing the image of the “mooninite” from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And, boy, is it funny to hear a straightlaced, gravitas-filled newscaster utter the words “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” — [Bostonist](

> It’s Just more mindless corporate vandalism from a guerilla marketer who got busted. Interference Inc, welcome to the world of being misunderstood, scapegoated, demonized and wanted by the law. Still want to be a graffiti artist? — [Graffiti Research Lab](

> Getting it is easy. Filling it up with illegal substances and sending it across the border is not. — Anonymous

> [Peter Berdovsky](, 29, of Arlington, was arrested on one felony charge of placing a hoax device, and one charge of disorderly conduct, state Attorney General Martha Coakley said. — Associated Press

> We apologize to the citizens of Boston that part of a marketing campaign was mistaken for a public danger.
> We appreciate the gravity of this situation and, like any responsible company would, ar eputting all necessary resources towards understanding the facts surrounding it as quickly as possible.
> As soon as we realized that an element of the campaign was being mistaken for something potentially dangerous, appropriate law enforcement officials were notified and through Federal law enforcement channels, we identified the specific locations of the advertisements in all ten cities in which they are posted.
> We also directed the third-party marketing firm who posted the advertisements to take them down immediately.
> We appreciate the commitment demonstrated by the Boston Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, as well as the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, and deeply regret the hardships experienced as a result of this incident. — [Official “bumper” statement from Cartoon Network]( (thanks to Lucas for capping)

>There wasn’t a bomb or terrorist paraphernalia category so I hope this one should suffice. — [eBay Listing: “Mooninites (Ignignokt) LED Advertising Bomb”](