Metrocard Telepathy

Approaching the subway turnstiles this morning, I realized that I had pulled the wrong card out of my wallet. Seemingly ready to swipe my debit card through the turnstile, I snickered at my stupidity and pulled out my Metrocard, quickly swiping it through the turnstile.


Oh. *Ohhhhh.* I see what I did there.

As I doubled back to buy a new card, I deposited my dead Metrocard in the recycling slot. And while normally I wouldn’t pay him much mind, an older gentlemen was there, furiously swiping discarded cards in the hope of finding a leftover fare.

Poor guy. If only he had my gift of unintentional psychic Metrocard reading.


Tunnel Ride

When we got on the train tonight, we rode in the very uncrowded front car. Riding in the front car leads to one of those strange, inexplicable pleasures: standing at the very front door, watching the tunnel go whizzing past you.

It’s not typical that I get to watch the long tunnel linking Manhattan and Queens from the front car – speeds can hit up to 60 mph, which isn’t fast in a car but is rather terrifying in a subway. With the car shaking violently and the loud sound of the tracks, being able to see out the front as you race towards the daylight is a unique experience. (I’ve been known to quietly sing the boat song from Willy Wonka – there’s no earthly way of know-ing, in which direction we are row-ing – when the train shoots through the tunnels too fast.)

I decided that rather than trying to take more pictures (like the above), I would just shoot video of the view. You can check it out here, or by clicking the picture above. It’s a strange little video – the blurring at the end is caused by the scratchitti and dust in the front window, and the weather was horribly overcast and grey. It is, however, strangely compelling – at least I’ve found it to be. Hope someone enjoys it.