I Am Lumines

I’m still working on my longer “why I love my PSP” post – held up mostly because I can’t stop playing the damn thing. But I did want to take time out to note the accomplishment of last night.

Easily the best puzzle game to come out in recent history – some would even argue it’s better than Tetris – [Lumines]( (pronounced *luminous*) is a seemless hybrid of a falling block puzzle and a music game. Thousands of people have already fallen victim to it’s addictive and deceptively simple gameplay, catchy music, and sharp graphics.

The back of the box asks, “Are you Lumines?” To that, I respond:

Level 107.
329,467 points.
Well over 2600 blocks removed.

That’s right, I finally got to Lights.

Am I lumines? I believe the answer is “Hell yes”.