Juxtaposition Of The Day

As of this morning, the body count for the tsunamis in Asia is now at 119,747.

Relevant quotes:

> “Some survivors have not eaten since Sunday and now risk infections and diseases such as elephantiasis, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, malaria, meningitis and haemorrhagic fever.”

> “Countless bloated bodies, many of them young children, remained strewn on the streets and floating in the rivers of Banda Aceh under a tropical sun. Truckloads of bodies were delivered to freshly-dug mass graves, while others were simply swept up into the mountains of debris that clogged the narrow streets.”

> “Mr Yusef said there were about 15 small villages on Car Nicobar’s coastline and that all had been destroyed. “Everything is gone. Most of the people have gone up to the hills and are afraid to come down,” he said.”

Meanwhile, in Central NY, DDR drama goes on.

Relevant quotes:

> “I can’t run this tournament and have fun when I get people threatening me.”

> “One of my best friends is being physically threatened by this cunt. Warn me i don’t fucking care. This tramp has crossed a line that is totally unacceptable for ANY reason, and I refuse to be part of any event that she will be even present at. Your doubles division is cancelled. Everyone else can do that which they wish, but thank Katy-Chan for putting a damper on what was to be a great time for those of us who aren’t egotistical, pieces of garbage. You want to threaten one of the nicest guys I know? Guess what skank, I’m no internet buddy, and touch Sherlok, and it will be an event you will live to regret.”

> “I’ve been fed up with this community as of late between senseless drama and just the large influx of noobs.”

Compare and contrast.