My Occasional British Accent Strikes Again

I have this unfortunate habit of, when either listening to or speaking with someone who has a british accent, slipping into one myself. It is usually described to me as horrible.

The following transpired at the DVD signing pictured above:

Nick Frost: So who are we making these out to?
Me: Oh, the DVD doesn’t need to be made to anyone, but if you could make the poster out to Katie
Simon: Kady?
Me: Katie.
Nick And Simon: Katie?
Me: Yes. K-a-t-i-e.
Simon: Oh, okay…*slight smile* see, you said it with a British accent!

I don’t know whether to be embarrassed that he caught it and I didn’t, or to be gleefully happy that he didn’t tell me it was horrible.


Goodbye, Old Friend

Goodbye, Old Friend

My poor battered, beaten, and bruised SideKick Рtrusty and dependable for 9 months Рis being replaced by the SideKick 2 I took this photo with.


Sunday Afternoon Nooz

Well, it’s an average Sunday around here. I’ve spent most of the day cleaning up old crap kicking around my room. In probably the most boring thing I’ll ever post to my web page, I would like to note I had a crapload of change kicking around, and rolled it for an extra $44 of income. Woot.

In the bizarre, fanatical hobby department, I finally got around to working on my Nerf gun today. For those who don’t know, I purchased a Nerf Lock N’ Load Blaster in April, and have since modified it from a semi-good gun to an ungodly gun. This sounds ridiculous, but believe me, it’s good stress relief, especially in a dorm setting. Anyhow, today I added a pullback ring, since the gun was lacking an easy cocking mechanism ever since my initial modifications, and I figured out how to reduce the recoil and increase the accuracy with some well placed tape. No more randomly flying darts! Woot!

Now that I’m done scaring all of you, on to the rest of my life. Kate gets up here on Tuesday, so as usual I won’t be around much. Thursday we’re heading up to Watertown for a wedding, so we REALLY won’t be around then. I rejoin the real world on Sunday, kicking and screaming as usual.

Anyone who’s even vagually interested in wrestling is required to check out, a site dedicated to ridiculous gimmicks. It’s in the Linkpad, if you’d rather.

Other than that, I don’t have much else to report. Campus housing opens on the 18th, and my move in will be slow and leisurely. The FV project is progressing nicely, and hopefully we’ll be ready to go by the end of the month. And Deus Ex rocks.

If you’re bored, drop me some mail.