After my two week hiatus, I am officially (and reluctantly) forced to rejoin the real world. It’s been an amazing break, so let me give the capsule version of what happened.

Kate was up here for the first week, in which we spent a lot of time down by the lake, saw Road Trip, went to the Ithaca Festival, went to the ever-exciting Memorial Day parade, walked the Glen while being surrounded by Mennonites, watched Taxi Driver and Jawbreaker, and just generally enjoyed ourselves.

The ride on the bus to Kate’s house was marred with a little stupidity on the part of the bus people, but that happens. At her house, we played Playstation, watched Eye of the Beholder and Drop Dead Gorgeous, fell asleep watching Snow Falling on Cedars, went and saw MI2 in the theatre, ate a lot of Taco Bell, went to King’s Dominion, had my birthday dinner at Josef’s, and did a fair amount of shopping.

All in all, I’d say it was a very good trip. We both got a lot of time to unwind, we had a lot of laughs, and hey, Kate even found religion.</insidejoke>

I obviously got a lot of crap, so that gives me lots of reviews to write. The list is as follows:

Movies: Road Trip, Taxi Driver, Jawbreaker, Mission Impossible 2,
Eye of the Beholder, Drop Dead Gorgeous
Games: Vagrant Story, Driver, Resident Evil 3
Music: Massive Attack/Mezzanine, KMFDM/Nihil.

I have already done reviews for MI2 and Vagrant Story. Much more coming
over the next few days.