Two New Perspectives on American Idol 2

View from a contestant

View from a PA

Both very entertaining.

I had a fun run in at the mall today with the frat-boys-in-Abercrombie-who-laugh-at-dancing-games types. I realize I often look silly and/or ridiculous playing, but luckily, the kids who throw ice cubes on the stage while other people are playing always look worse.


Geeky music game accomplishments

I essentially AAA’d Worst Mistake on Expert while playing Freq on my first try.

Go me!


Can’t Beat That With a Stick

So late last night, I got a message from an old friend of mine, and it
turns out that is alive again. That brings me back.

Also, over on we have a unique Daikatana Anti-Petition. This probably means very little to almost all of you.

Finally, by this time tomorrow I will be starting to move my things out
and home; so expect content updates to be a little more sporatic over
the next few months.