One of those Mondays

So I’m sitting here working; the weather page says that currently it’s 3 degrees, with the wind chill bringing it down to -13. This, sadly, is warmer than it felt earlier, even though the actual temp is down. I have to trek out in a bit to return our overdue movies and get some basic staples for the fridge. Hopefully I won’t get frostbitten.

Katie had to come home early from work today and take a sick day because she just felt nautious. She’s currently passed out in bed. Poor girl. :(

Last night was notable not for the huge blow out football game I didn’t watch, but because we had the essential “re-pilot” of Alias to digest. Network execs force production team to rekindle show with diminshing ratings by making extreme changes; entire storylines for past season and a half nuked/closed (depending on your view) in one tidy hour episode full of hokey dialogue and blatant exposition for new viewers. Oh, and of course, mandatory T&A to draw in the football crowd between the Bowl and the network version of The Man Show.

I can’t decide whether or not Alias has jumped the shark or not yet; a lot of things went on last night that would be considered shark-worthy, but I have too much faith in JJ and/or the evil powers of Arvin Sloane to keep the show interesting. But of course, only time will tell.

In the short term, I finally registered with ABC’s site so I could download Alias Underground, and it’s pretty nifty for a freeware game laden with sponsorship ploys (I nearly fell over when I saw an enemy document in the game that warned about the stealth capabilities of the Ford Focus). And it’s cross platform. So let’s go.

Engine + SD-6 Agent Training – Mac | PC

Turkish Embassy Mission – Mac | PC

Raid On SD-6 – Mac | PC

The Circumference – Mac | PC

Turkish Embassy Countermission – Mac | PC

Return To SD-6 – Mac | PC

Install the engine first, then the mission packs. New missions every 5 weeks or so, 9 missions in all.
Note that using these links doesn’t enter you in the contest, you’ll need to register like everyone else and download them from the official site.


Two New Perspectives on American Idol 2

View from a contestant

View from a PA

Both very entertaining.

I had a fun run in at the mall today with the frat-boys-in-Abercrombie-who-laugh-at-dancing-games types. I realize I often look silly and/or ridiculous playing, but luckily, the kids who throw ice cubes on the stage while other people are playing always look worse.


Geeky music game accomplishments

I essentially AAA’d Worst Mistake on Expert while playing Freq on my first try.

Go me!