Enjoyed Reflected

The Fifteenth

Fifteen years ago today, I married the love of my life. (More inside.)

Those of you who have been around us a while may recall that I’ve written one of these posts before. In the name of not treading over the same old path, I’m not going to rehash that post in format or content. Instead, I’ve picked fifteen of my favorite Katie photos from the last five years, with a few words to explain why they’re close to my heart.

I will say this, though: I didn’t think it was possible to love her any more than I did when I wrote that last post. And I am glad to have been wrong.

We made a big tour of the Pacific Northwest in 2016, and while in Vancouver we rented bikes to go around Stanley Park. Or that was the plan anyhow – Katie’s Soul Cycle addiction had her constantly racing ahead of me, to the point where she lost me. We still laugh about it.
That smile kills me every time.
It’s hard not to love how excited Katie can get about the little things, like the endless array of inflated things outside of the Balloon Saloon in TriBeCa. (She famously went inside on my birthday, argued about what she specifically wanted, and then brought an array of balloons back across the street to the bar we were parked at.)
You should’ve seen her eyes light up when the inflatable bunnies appeared in Battery Park.
Katie epitomizes “sweet”, even if she wants to believe she is perpetually sour or gloomy. (She’s recently taken to Sanrio’s Aggretsuko as her spirit animal.)
Mid-2015, Katie finally went all out on dying her hair and went for the shocking pink. There’s been some blue added to the back since, but this has become her signature look, and I love it.
The main thing that my soccer retirement has allowed is more flexibility on the weekends, which has lead us to a lot of restaurant sampling. Here we were at Carbone for lunch.
Two Katie trademarks: a striped shirt, and a glass of rosé (or as she typically puts it, “summer water”).
These two are practically inseparable, and always find some new and adorable way to cuddle together.
Girl knows how to sip a cocktail.
We go on so many adventures together, but I do cherish the little moments, like the few blocks walk home together post-adventure.
We got a chance to piggyback on a work trip to have a long weekend in London earlier this year and it was one of our best trips yet. We’re following that model this weekend and heading to Toronto with barely any plans.
To get serious for a moment: 2016 was largely marked by health issues, which were pretty stressful but that she triumphed over. 2017 is marked by her finally pulling the trigger on a long-needed surgical procedure, which she was mostly terrified about.
And the thing is, she powered through the recovery and was back to her routine within days. Her inner strength and drive just floor me. I wish I was half the person she was.
Just following orders.