A random musing:

Yesterday, we were at MoCCA Festival 2010. After ducking into the last panel of the day, I found Katie sitting in the hallway with a few more bags. She showed me that she had picked up Volumes 1 and 2 of Cat and Girl, both signed by Dorothy Gambrell.

I suddenly panicked: I hadn’t seen a Cat and Girl comic in some large length of time, to the point where I had completely forgotten it even existed. After checking my feed reader this morning, I confirmed that it had been a year and a half. How could something I loved just drift out of my field of view, without me noticing?

But wait: this happens all the time. We forget about what used to be our favorite bands when they get filtered off our playlists or don’t come up on shuffle. We lose track of the friends we used to stay up late talking to because they’re not on our social network of choice. We stop enjoying the works of great writers or artists because they change websites, or their feeds break, or our bookmarks get corrupt.

I’m not complaining, and this certainly isn’t a screed about being dependent on technology. But it’s curious how the frequency that something is in my field of view correlates to my interest in it.