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Six Things I Discovered From Flickr Stats

Today, Flickr started offering statistics for Pro members; those of you with Pro Accounts can turn it on immediately.
I turned it on this afternoon, and now that all my stats are loaded, some of the many oddities of my Flickr photostream have been explained.

  1. The #1 search referral from Google’s traditional search to my Flickr photos is “my pokemons let me show you them“, of which at press time I am ranked #2. Oddly, I do not have similar ranking for the ‘correctly’ spelled “my pokemans let me show you them”.
  2. On the other hand, the #1 search referral from Google Image Search is for “jamie bell“. This is amusing because people are presumably searching for the actor from Billy Elliot/King Kong, and not the bassist for The Go! Team. (“pokemans” is #2, for whatever that’s worth.)
  3. None of my 2,665 photos are untagged.
  4. One of my photos has never been viewed. I’m unable to figure out which one.
  5. I am the #1 search result on Yahoo for “new haircut“. I never before understood why it had so many views, but now it makes sense, I suppose.
  6. My dismissive photo of a Mr. Six sign, taken at Six Flags Great Adventure, is the primary photo for the Wikipedia entry for Mr. Six. I feel used and slightly disgusted.