New Template

It’s that once yearly time where I get tired of the layout I have and switch to an entirely different one.

This one finally cures something that’s always bothered me immensely about most MT themes – the artificial 500px content boundary. I’m sure 500px is great for keeping people focused on text, but it’s horrible if you want to post a picture with reasonable size.

This theme is “[darkhash](”, with a couple tweaks to fit my overly particular nature. It’s my vote to win the [MT/LJ/TypePad Style Contest](

Some content has settled in transit and may be missing for the time being; it’ll be back soon, I promise.

UPDATE: I’ve ungimped the comment form, upped the font size to make the pages easier to read, increased the width a little, replaced a handful of icons, and added a tag cloud to the archives page. I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten and certainly won’t mind getting more.