Friends Happenings

A quick round to see what everyone’s been doing lately:

Benjamin Birdie is going [gangbusters with the webcomics](

[Suw Charman]( is ramping up for [BlogOn]( in October, and is asking that anyone involved with business blogging [fill out a survey](

Jen Chung just turned 29 and is [doing the NYFF]( as a result. I’d wish her happy birthday again, but I think she’s heard it enough from me.

Kim Cochran has [revived her blog]( for the fifth time.

[Jake Dobkin]( is [hosting another NYC Photobloggers event]( this Friday at the Apple Store.

Thom Heidt is over in China, and besides [his excellent blog postings](, just uploaded [a hefty batch of photos](

Wendy Koslow and Joey “Accordion Guy” deVilla [got married over the weekend](

Dave Moldawer is launching a new writing project called [feedplay](, a story told from multiple points of view via different blogs.

John Scanlan skipped out on [Channel 102]( last night because he was too busy [tasting at Ninja]( – his review is excellent and worth reading, so I won’t hold it against him.