Channel 102 Shows Posted

For those unfamiliar, Channel 102 is a sort of video variety show where anyone can submit a short television show of no more than five minutes. It can be about practically anything, just as long as it’s funny and/or entertaining.

We went this past week, and had a blast – and I’m happy to note that the videos from said show are now posted. Be sure to check out this months Prime Time winners: Teen Homicide, Shutterbugs, Ron Chipley, Public Notary, The Widower, and Purgatory. All of which will be returning when Channel 102 happens again in November.

Lots of good stuff fell by the wayside, too – I particularly enjoyed the failed Robotic Willy and Uncle Jimmy’s Fuck Farm. And while this was my first Channel 102 and I hadn’t brushed up on my history, the final episode of Gemberling was epic, and My Wife The Ghost ended well too.

Channel 102 returns in November at the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village; I’ve put details on Come, won’t you?