Starting The Christmas List Early

This summer has been pretty slow on the game releases across all platforms. Despite finding some distractions in arcadey smashups (Flatout), tactical RPGs (Makai Kingdom), and a game I can only describe as “Lynchian” (Killer 7), it’s been a lazy slow summer, and I’m finally making inroads against some of my back catalog that I never finished.

Today, out of sheer curiosity, I dig into IGN’s release lists for all the platforms I own, and compiled a quick list of everything I had been looking forward to that’s going to nail me into the wall during the critical last four months of the year.

What I’ve found are *fifteen* titles that tickle my fancy. This list should not be taken as a “I will be buying these all for myself regardless of all else” – I do listen to reviews and pass on titles that get panned (eg: Coded Arms) regardless of how much I’m looking forward to them. But these are what I’m looking forward to over the next 3-4 months:

**August 9: Namco Museum Battle Collection (PSP)**

> I enjoy a good retrogaming collection as much as the next guy, and since this will be greatly enhanced over the Japanese version with many more games, I won’t feel like I’m getting ripped off.

**September 6: We Love Katamari (PS2)**

> Despite me jumping on the original title way before the buzz went crazy over here, I have not yet played the sequel. This problem, however, will soon be resolved.

**September 13: Burnout Revenge (Xbox)**

> There are few moments in gaming that are transcendent, but turning on Burnout 3 for the first time last year was one of those moments. Easily my favorite title from last year, Burnout 3 was everything a game should be: easy to pick up, extremely fast and fun, and having plenty to keep me wanting to play.
> Anyone who hasn’t picked up 3 is a fool, especially now that it’s greatest hits. Anyone who won’t pick up 4 is in need of professional assistance.

**September 20: Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)**

> There’s a place in my heart for games that double as art; I own ICO, I own Killer 7, and SotC will fall into place next to these games – assuming the reviews are favorable, which is always a challenge with these sorts of games.

**September 20: Burnout Legends (PSP)**

> As I said above, Burnout was my favorite series of last year; there is no way I’m missing portable Burnout fun.

**September 27: Capcom Classics Collection (PS2/Xbox)**

> Again, sucker for retrogaming. Sucker for Capcom arcade titles. A+B = yes please.

**October 1: GTA Liberty City Stories (PSP)**

> Hinging largely on reviews and feature set, this will most likely be the highest profile PSP release of the fall. I’m waiting with baited breath, but I will keep my faith.

**October 18: The Con (PSP)**

> The concept here intrigues me; a fighting game where throwing the match may not be a bad thing. If it comes together well, this could be solid.

**October 24: Bully (PS2/Xbox)**

> This I’m actually much more excited about than GTA:LCS, but given the protests, who knows if we’ll see a release.

**October 25: Infected (PSP)**

> A few months ago, I was torn between Coded Arms and Infected; now that Coded Arms is on my personal scrapheap, this is my next great hope for deathmatch fun. What can beat blasting zombies on the streets of NYC?

**October ?: Stacked (PSP)**

> I’ve detailed previously my [love of a good Texas Hold’em system](, and Stacked looks like it might be the first non-computer release to meet my feature set needs. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

**November 8: Gun (PS2/Xbox)**

> I have great faith in Neversoft. I like the idea of Western-style games. The buzz is good. Sign me up.

**November 14: MGS3: Subsistence (PS2)**

> I’ve spent the last 3-4 days working on cranking through MGS3, merely to catch myself up on the plot and remove the guilt for leaving a game in one of my favorite series on the pile for so long. And I’ve absolutely loved it, save some niggling problems like the camera. Subsistence fixes the camera, adds online play, and tosses in two really old Metal Gear titles as a bonus. Can we say “trade up”? Yes we can.

**November 14: SSX On Tour (PS2/Xbox/PSP)**

> SSX is another series I’ve been digging for too long; even with the seemingly needless addition of skiing to the new title, I’ll be unable to dodge the bullet on this one because it remains Katie’s favorite game series…so long as Kaori is still in it.

**November 29: Guilty Gear Judgement (PSP)**

> I’m not what I would call good at fighters, but I’ve always had a slight soft spot for Guilty Gear. I figure this two-in-one title can’t hurt. This is not a strong list candidate, but it’s possible.

Shockingly, there’s no titles dated for December I’m really dying for, but perhaps that’s for the best. Early next year we get Okami, Beatmania USA, and a bunch of TBA titles (Winning Eleven PSP) will probably slip till then. Maybe December will be a month of reprieve…

What games are you all looking forward to this fall?