Catching The Rain

A large thunderstorm started today, around three in the afternoon. I absolutely love rain, especially during the summer. I decided to go stand out under our grapevine with an umbrella and my camera.

After six failed photos, I went to video. I captured a minute – not the most interesting video in the world, I’ll readily admit.
But one of those weird coincidences happened as I snapped my camera shut; one of those moments that makes you question a lot of what you know goes on in the world. You see, as I closed my camera, the storm lost its nerve, and lightened dramatically. As I dumped the video to my computer, the last drops of rain slowed and stopped. As I uploaded it for this post, the sun began to shine again through the nearby window.

I don’t want to believe that I literally sucked the storm out of existence onto my camera, but it feels that way, at least a little.
For the rest of you who love the rain as much as I do, I hope you’ll enjoy this.