Puzzled Over

What’s On Eric “Badland” Booker’s iPod?

In [my Nathan’s 2005 Hot Dog Eating Contest wrapup](, I had mused:

> Oddly, Badlands Booker had on an iPod – I’m sure the world would love to know what one listens to while bingeing on hot dogs.

The intrepid [Peter Cohen]( is a man of action and quick thinking. He promptly emailed Eric, mentioning that Katie and I had seen him at the event and that I was wondering what was on the iPod. And lo and behold, a response came:

> Hello Peter, Dan, & Katie: Thanks for emailing me and for all your kind words! I apologize for responding so late. basically i can’t live without my iPod Photo. i use it as a photo album to store all my pictures from all the different eating contest and appearances, and use for image training to help me focus for an event, as far as music, i have about 3000 songs, lots of Old and New School Hip Hop from albums, mixtapes, and also instrumentals that i recite my newly written rap songs to (I store my songs on my iPod as well), R&B, Some Classic Rock, Jazz, & Gospel tracks, up tempo Dance Music for when I’m competing in a eating contest, so i can eat to the beat, and of course, Hungry & Focused and cuts off my new album Hungry & Focused II – The Ingestion Engine available this fall. Thanks again for emailing me and asking what’s on my iPod, and again for your kind words, you’re the best!

Thanks to Peter for chasing this to completion, I honestly didn’t expect to ever find out.