Poor IRC Jokes Just Happen Naturally

First off, apologies about the Blosxom tutorial being delayed. It’ll be up soon – today was a bit kooky.

After an oddly-timed work day, I took off this afternoon for JFK, making my first ride on the Airtrain to get to the JetBlue terminal. Not that I was flying – I was merely meeting up with Suw for the short layover duration she had before she had to fly off back to London.

Having some time to kill when I got there, I logged onto IRC through my Sidekick so I could keep mutual friends up to date on her arrival. Now, IRC over the Sidekick requires going through SSH, and the signal in the baggage claim is lacking at best. Still, it managed to hold for most of the time I was waiting before arrival.

A bit after Suw appeared (the silly girl snuck past me, and then had to double back to find me), and we were waiting for her suitcase, I checked my Sidekick and noticed I had been knocked offline. I shrugged, not really caring to keep the connection open at this point.
But apparently I missed an unintentionally funny quit message, given my location:

[17:22] *** RemyAtJFK quit ("Lost terminal")