The PSP US Launch Countdown Begins

Sony has finally announced the US date and details for the PSP.

Short version: They’re only selling the value pack at the start, and it will be $250. But, in addition to all the goodies you get (headphones, wrist strap soft case, remote, 32 MB memory stick), the first million US PSPs will also come with Spiderman 2 on UMD for free.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around on a PSP at my local independent gaming superstore, and honest to god, the second I laid my hands on the thing, I couldn’t fathom playing my DS anymore.

Very much looking forward to March 24th. Very much indeed.

Edit: They’re also launching with 24 titles. For comparison, the DS is only due to have 13 out by that point according to the IGN release schedule. This is going to be mighty interesting,