Passing Train

In the course of a day, I tend to take a lot of pictures, hoping I’m going to catch a really good shot. I snag about 10-20 on my SideKick 2, and 10-15 on the Olympus if I have it. Most of these shots are taken discretely, as I have to try to “steal” them as not to get people punching me in the head.

As such, I get a lot of shaky and/or badly lit and/or badly framed pictures. 98% of all of my photos get immediately discarded, and half of the remaining ones get tossed when I look them over.

Out of the remaining 1%, most of them I have to retouch a bit – black and white often helps with the crap I shoot, or some rebalancing, or cropping.

But this photo that I managed to snag today at 59th & Lex is probably my favorite photo out of all I’ve taken since I started my photo obsession with Flickr. I hope you like it. And if you don’t, that’s okay too.