How Would The Lone Ranger Handle This?

There’s something about October in New York City that seems to make it particularly likely there’s an event you want to go to. Last year, we hit Paul Van Dyk, Neal Stephenson, John Lithgow, and Jamie Oliver.

As a reminder: tomorrow continues the juggernaut of October 2004, as Ricky Gervais invades the holiest of museums, the Museum Of Television And Radio. There’ll be a screening of The Office (Christmas) Special, and then a “conversation” with Ricky directly thereafter. While I doubt the entire event is going to be quite on the insanity level of the Anchorman premiere, it should be a fantastic time.
Making it potentially even more fantastic is something that I may get to meet a blogger I admire very much right beforehand; I’ll save that for another post, though.

As usual with MTR functions, I’ve posted event details on, just in case you’re in NYC and interested and I haven’t talked your ear off about this already and you missed the last post about it. Expect a long-winded starstruck post tomorrow night!