WWDC Keynote Running Thoughts

I started transcribing late, since the Apple Store/iPod wanking is fairly standard.

The iPod/iTMS/Airport Express combined movie/ad thing is decent. (Oddly reminiscent of Hackers.)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the music video section!

Al Franken featured in the audiobook section


“Our competitiors buy the panels we reject.”

New 23″

One piece stand

Two dual USB2 and two dual firewire! Back to DVI!!!!

Separate power brick

Works with powerbook out of the box

Also a 20″

23″ is $2k, 20″ is $1.3k, available in July


“A huge day in the history of big”

30″, 2560×1600 4.1 million pixels, 77% larger than the 23

30″ is $3.3k, available in august

Only works with the Powermac because it needs a unique graphics card

G-Force 6800 Ultra to drive it

One DVI connection isn’t enough, “dual link”


Video card is $599

(Is there a power button on the monitor?)


12 million OS X users (50% of base on Panther)

“Transition is over. (Whew…)”

Odd that Steve decides to talk about Microsoft Office right after MS bashing.

Bill feels the relationship between MS and Apple is “better than ever”.

PeopleSoft-Oracle seperation on slide intentional

Alias was unsure when they released Maya on the Mac, but 25% of Maya sales are now on Mac

Alias Sketchbook – 70% of downloads for the Mac

Maya Unlimited for OS X announced

Snickers and choking from the audience when Bob from Alias calls Xcode “Incredible”.

Myst 4 Revelation sneak peak, and this woman sounds like a robot

“Opulent landscapes and devious puzzles” – she IS a robot

Puzzle is a demo, not a spoiler – soundtrack by Peter Gabriel

Guitar Rig, based on audio units

Oh, it’s Native Instruments! Why didn’t he say so, rather than saying “CEO of Guitar Rig”?

This guy isn’t a robot, but he’s got a very odd manner of speaking

Wait, now it feels I’m watching an infomercial


Orbit – small developer (Analytic System Design)

Satellite simulator

Shows over 650 unclassified satellites – kind of creepy

Written in 3 months with Xcode

Screensaver version called Freefall, available soon


5th major release

Shipping first half of 2005, so this is an extra early preview

150+ new features


OS X is the #1 unix in the world by unit shipments

Tiger has a 64-bit VM for any process, 64-bit system lib, LP64 support in GCC

(So it’s not fully 64-bit, then?)

Fine grain locking, access control lists, Xgrid built-in


SMB perf better

SMB home dirs

Kerberos and NTLMv2

HTML email compoisition

TextEdit supports Word tables

“Search” is the revolution

iTunes had already solved the problem

Technology is called “Spotlight”

“Keynote presentations from Phil that I opened last week”

“WWDC planning documents”

So it appears we have heavy metadata now?

Automatic for file formats and it’s extensible

Works with current apps

Demo: 100,000 files on a system

Pixar search was instant, but Pixar isn’t in the title – it’s in the copyright info

(but searching for year is pulling it off metadata, not file modified date – zuh?)

Save search to sidebar as a smart search

He’s saying “boom” a lot

Smart groups for Address book are nice, I guess example is decent, smart mailboxes are going to be fantastic

Spotlight on sys prefs is better than expected, gets applause

Upper right hand corner of menu bar has magnifying glass, clicking it looks just like launchabr/quicksilver, but it’s just filtering the spotlight enabled content

Wait, he said “feeds”…

It can OCR PDF files to find the little itty bits of data

SDK today


Hi-def DVDs standard

One codec scaling from HD to 3G

Non-proprietary and open

Frank Cassanova wins the UGLIEST SHIRT EVER award, good lord

4x resolution at same data rate

Not only does he have the ugliest shirt, but he is showing his nerd side

All these clips are using the Troy preview – wonder why they’re not pimping the new Pixar

“Windows Media? Bring it.” – with the universal hand motion for BRING IT



RSS support

New product is “Safari RSS”


Auto-detects feeds

RSS icon pops up next to snap back bar

Clicking the RSS button brings down a sheet for the RSS feed

Using summarize service to chop down the summaries

It’s odd that it’s showing the feed as an alternative to the web interface, rather than as a feed collection – wonder how this is going to go over with syndication adoption

New search field, next to the google field, just for RSS

Steve does a Cheney search

So is this RSS search done via local repository or outside master server?

Core Image + Core Video

Image processing in the GPU, floating point

Realtime filters, over 100

Image Units and Video Units

Phil up for a demo, and when he says this is the most exciting thing he could get to demo, I can’t tell if he’s being serious or sarcastic

This might be fantastic for gaming effects, or if they can happen on top of iChat AV

Real time bump distortion is neat

“Electric zebra” demo is just bizarre

Non-destructive filters

Applying the effects onto the video in real time is MUCH COOLER than I could possibly put into text.


Half a million subscribers

Sync Services engine built in, thus insuring I’m going to be renewing, since the syncing is the main reason I’m using it

Sync WITHOUT .mac using new SDK – maybe I won’t be renewing


Exposé for Widgets

Built in javascript – did they buy Konfabulator?

Liquid effect when you drop an item down

iTunes controller is neat

The instant appear and disappear is the important part, apparently

Accessory and Web widgets

SDK today

Automator with a fantastic icon

Visual scripting, tied into the applescript team

Interactive or fully automated scripts with 100 actions

This looks really nice and easy to use

SDK today


Tiger iChat AV sessions will be based on H.264 – same bandwidth, better quality

Multi-user chat with up to 10 people for audio conferenceing, 4 total for video

The quality on the video conference with H.264 is absurdly good. ABUSRDLY.

The mutli-user add for video conferencing gets the most cheers yet

Great shot of Phil pouting