So, Are We Poppers?

Every since I put up VJ Army (the ranking site), I’ve received a lot of requests for a Pop’n Music ranking site.

(For those who only follow Bemani to the extent that I mention it here: Pop’n Music, or PNM, is a very colorful and musically-diverse game pretty similar to Beatmania, only with 9 buttons and no turntable. The music comes in every genre available. If you’ve seen Lost In Translation and remember the scene in the arcade with the kid bouncing around in the arcade in front of a weird machine and slapping colored buttons, that’s Pop’n.)

I am happy to announce that I am officially beginning work tonight on the Pop’n ranking site I have alluded to for many months. I have not received a controller yet (as was listed as a condition), but I’m partnering with a well known controller maker to get the site moving. Draw your own conclusions.

Some notes for now for what you can expect:

  • It will be using much of the same code base as VJ Army, as it’s pretty solid and easily adapted to Pop’n.
  • It will cover the home games for the PS2 only.
  • The Pop’n ranking site does not have a snappy name yet. It will be decided later.
  • I’m going to be playing up the graphical nature of Pop’n, and it’ll be a bit more eye-pleasing.
  • Ranking will primarily be done by score out of 100,000, but if you have a note count, you can put it in – it won’t necessarily do anything, but there we go.
  • Users will be able to set in their profiles what type of controller they’re using (Dual Shock 2/Small Official/ASC) and it’ll be denoted next to their scores. Won’t do anything, just noted.
  • I am not accepting beta testers at this time because I really have nothing to show at the moment. Don’t ask.