The Museum Of Television & Radio

While my parents are up for their visit this weekend, we visited the Museum Of Television & Radio.
At first, it was all very strange – it’s not at all a typical museum. There are no “exhibits” – instead, a handful of closed off screening rooms show various programs throughout the day. We sat in and watched an old episode of The Simpsons.
The main focus is not the screening rooms, but instead the library. On a system of ancient Macs, you browse a selection of 110,000+ catalog listings for TV and Radio shows in the archives. You submit your list, wait for the woman at the desk to call you, are led to a viewing station, and watch your program.
This may sound boring in words – but the range and depth of programs archived is absurd. Glancing around the room while I was switching between a compilation of old political ads and a seminar on Penn & Teller held here, I saw other people watching a range of things. A mother and daughter watched Barney, while a couple watched September 11th footage and a teen watched the Mr. Hankey episode of South Park.
Looking at their seminar list and the types of program they do, I can say it’s certainly a good value to get a membership. For those in the city, it’s on W. 52nd St. They also have a branch in LA.
It’s odd, but it’s very worthwhile.